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Lift your lashes to new heights! This treatment lifts your own lashes from the roots, sweeping all your lashes upwards, creating longer, fuller looking lashes instantly! After securing your lashes to a silicone form, different solutions are applied to essentially perm your lashes safely and effectively. Whether your lashes are shorter or longer, straight, or somewhat curled, this treatment creates amazing results! We then tint the lashes black to create more drama and density! This semi permanent service lasts 6-8 weeks and requires no maintenance! I recommend moisturizing your lashes with castor oil a few times week to keep them at their best!! 

70min | $90 

Image by Josh Calabrese
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Lift & Tint

Lash Lift & Tint

Marble Surface
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Lash Extensions 

Classic Lashes are where we apply one extension to one lash of your own, adding length and density. They can be super natural or longer and dramatic depending on your own lashes and desired result!

Volume Lashes is where we apply multiplied lashes fanned out onto one lash. These lashes are finer and lighter than classic, and add a fluffy result, from super natural to dramatic as per your desired result!

New Set Volume 2hrs | $150

New Set Classic  | 2hrs  | $130

Volume Fill 2week | 1.5hrs | $80

                 3week | 1.75hr | $95

Classic Fill 2 week | 1.5h | $70

                 3 week | 1.75    |$85

*2 week fill must have at least 50% of lash extensions left

*3 week fill must have at least 50% of lash extensions left

Lashes Extensio

Volume Lash Extensions 

New Set | 2hrs | $150

Fills | 1.5hrs | $70

Marble Surface
jill (4).jpg
Volume Extensio
Marble Surface
Long Lashes

Lash Tint

We tint the natural lash (usually blue black) to achieve a dark colour which looks great for blonde and light lashes! 

30min | $30

Crazy or unruly brows? lamination redirects the brow hairs, creating full fluffy brows that look amazing. You can brush them up and out for a fluffy effect, or up and over for a full and groomed affect! We tint them as well adding colour and show you how to style your new brows. Lasts 6-8 weeks 

1.5hrs | $60


Marble Surface
jill (3).jpg

Brow Lamination

Marble Surface
jill (2).jpg

Brow Henna

Brow Henna is great for those wanting to add colour to the hairs and the skin to see a more

Filled in brow with low commitment. The skin is stained with the Henna for around a week , and the hair stays coloured for 4-6 weeks! This is also a great service for those who cannot receive brow tattoo, or want to see how having powder brows would look temporarily!

45min | $50


Brow Tint

Colour your brows and give them the definition they deserve! You would be surprised how a little colour on the hairs of your brow adds so much for the shape and definition! Lasts 4-8 weeks 

Brow Tint | 15min | $20

Brow Shape & Tint  30 min  $40

Marble Surface
Brow tint
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