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Hi, I'm Jill

I Became a certified aesthetician in 2004, and while I might’ve signed up for the course unsure of what I would really do with it, I soon discovered my incredible passion for providing a variety of services and developing relationships with my clients. That passion grew, and evolved over time, as there were always new services coming out and I was excited to dive in and offer these to my clientele. 


Over the years, I’ve trained in many things, some being amazing, some not so much. The joy of business for me is having this passion to find what works and offer it, customizing it for each clients desires. 


When I discovered and became certified in Microblading and powder brows I was elated. Finally, a way to correct all the uneven brows I had been waxing and tinting and shaping for years! I love giving woman maintenance free brows, that stay through swimming, sweating, and are virtually life proof! 


Whether it’s lash extension, a lash lift, or a brow tattoo, my goal is customizing that service to your desires. We’re not all the same and most woman have their own unique desires outcome, my goal being to meet that for you. 


I help woman who struggle with their appearance, enhance their beauty, so they can feel confident, sexy and the BEST versions of themselves! 


I cannot wait to meet and work with you! 

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